Warrior One Yoga AsanaI am a certified yoga instructor, offering weekly yoga classes, private yoga lessons, and Aerial Yoga lessons. Contact me for details!

I’ve been a student of yoga for over twenty years: at age 11, my mother brought me along to hatha classes at the local community college, and with that initial seed, I’ve nurtured a life-long love and practice of yoga. I am now deeply immersed in a course of study with master yoga teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker. I’m honored to share the gift of the ancient art of yoga with others.

To me, yoga is what happens when we’re aligned with Source (or God, Nature, Truth, Oneness – whatever term works for you!). It’s also the practice and process of creating that alignment.

Yoga asana is one of many powerful tools to find inner alignment. Moving with breath and heightening body awareness allows us to feel the grace of the Divine flowing through.

Yoga is broader than just asana practice. It is a life-long experience of becoming more and more aware and present in each moment. Yoga is a discipline that teaches us to greet life as it comes, soften fear or resistance, and grow into our fullest purpose. It is a process that transforms the little “self” to realize the higher “Self”. It is the work of loosening the grip of the ego and coming to trust the Presence and life-force that animates us all.

We have the yogic tools of asana, pranayama, and meditation to guide us in knowing our inherent connection with all.

Prana Hatha Yoga

$10, Drop-in
Sunday Mornings
North Fork Karate Studio
311 2nd St., Paonia, Colorado

In this all-levels class we will move through a progression of classic yoga postures designed to strengthen and calm the body and mind. We will work with specific breathing patterns to build vitality and relax the nervous system. Each class concludes with a guided meditation. Prana Hatha Yoga is inspired by my studies with master teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker.

You may have heard yogic terms like “pranayama”, “bandha”, “mudra”, “mantra”, and “kriya”. Come discover how these techniques can add depth and dimension to your yoga practice.

· Relax & relieve stress
· Improve concentration
· Enhance Self-awareness
· Increase calm, peace, power and joy!

Aerial Yoga


I offer private and semi-private Aerial Yoga lessons in Hotchkiss, Colorado.

Aerial yoga is a fun and playful way to enhance a traditional yoga asana practice. We work with a suspended fabric hammock to find our center of gravity, and deepen postures that we might not otherwise find on the floor. Aerial yoga gives us fresh perspective to discover the energetic and anatomical benefits of this ancient wisdom practice.

I tailor lessons to meet the student’s unique needs and experience. I can create a challenging practice that explores deep stretches, inversions and strength-building; or I can guide a gentle, soothing class that emphasizes surrender, balance and support. Either way, you’re sure to experience playful expression, increased body awareness, and improved health.


Restorative Yoga with Vibrational Sound Healingrestorative poster print

Restorative Yoga is an easy, meditative practice, great for relieving stress, releasing dis-ease, and reclaiming wellness. We use bolsters and blankets to support the body in a few long-held, gentle poses that relax the body and quiet the mind.

During the practice, Aaron Jerad offers live vibrational sound healing with didgeridoo, African drum, native flute, and Tibetan singing bowls – instruments that have been used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years to induce states of deep meditation and healing.

(No classes currently. Got an event? We can bring this class to you!)