Whether you’re already feeling healthy, clear and inspired, or whether you’re struggling and not sure what to do… clairvoyant consulting can offer insights that will help you take your next step in confidence and joy.


Clairvoyant consulting can help you…


Find balance and well-being when you’re feeling off-center.


It’s easy to get carried away by demands or expectations from other people, work, or all the things we think we have to do. Sometimes we take on too much. Clairvoyant consulting can help you unburden yourself and regain your equilibrium.  Together we can discern what’s really most important to you, and let go of what no longer serves you.  We can then guide you to healthy rejuvenation and wellness. This allows you to be more present and capable in dealing with any situation that comes your way.


Make positive choices when you face tough situations or uncertainty.


Making decisions can be challenging, even when all the options seem rewarding. Clairvoyant Consulting releases the stress of the unknown while gathering information to fully comprehend a situation. Most of the time, a part of you already knows the answer, and it just helps to have a sign, or confirmation that you’re moving in the right direction. As a neutral observer, I can help you find your certainty, and encourage you in the direction of your highest growth and wellness.  The result is confident choices that feel great!


Navigate life changes in relationships, health, work, finances and more.


Change can be both stressful and liberating. How we respond and navigate change is a potent opportunity. We can help you discover inner resources to move through growth and change, so that no matter what happens, you know you will be okay: you can see any situation all the way through to the other side with grace and humor.


Get perspective, clarity, fresh ideas and support.


No matter how carefully we plan, or how inspired we are, we all have moments when we could use some help. Sometimes we need a little push to action. Other times it’s just positive and constructive insight from a neutral person, or support at the right moment. When life becomes heavy, I’ll help you see “problems” in a new, empowering way.  You’ll also discover the lightness, creativity and play to transcend any challenge.


Clear blocks and free up energy.


Mental and emotional energy can get tied up in response to life events. When this happens we can feel tired, overwhelmed and stuck. However, we can quickly release even long-standing patterns just by steadily placing our gentle attention and awareness on them. We can clear up the past and let go of pain, programming and limitations. This allows greater freedom and well being in your body, mind and emotions. You can be radiant, joyous, alive and energized!



Clairvoyant Consulting will leave you feeling clearer, lighter, and more like yourself.

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